Production & Recording
I specialize in mobil recording.
I bring the studio to you.

I'll come to your location
for recording
or you can come to me.

Mixing and Mastering:
We can do these steps together
or you can leave it up to me.

Contact me for more information

Studio 309

Industrial Center Building

Sausalito, CA 94965

415 331-0167

CDs and Musicians I have produced:

Andy Padlo ("Andy Padlo")

Kenny Blacklock ("This Little Light")

Kevin Napolean ("Simply Nappy")

Michael McCausland ("Glass Factory")

Maya Dorn ("Another Fictitious Love Song")

The Keepers ("Late Rain")

The Wildflower ("Forty Years In The Blink Of An Eye ")

Stephen Ehret ("17 Songs W/The Phögues)


Robert South (Music in progress)